Saturday, September 4, 2010

More Firsts

The cool thing about a brand new place is that everything seems so exciting. You don't take for granted all the unique aspects of that location that would be easy to do if you have lived there forever.  Thankfully, we are not bored by the little things yet and this week had it's exciting moments. :)

Alaska State Fair

Now by no means does this compare to the Texas State Fair (though I sadly have to admit I've never actually been), but I'm learning when it's the best you got - make the most of it!

So we headed to Palmer, Alaska (yes, that's where Sarah Palin is from) about an hour away.  We got to eat some yummy, fried fair food...

...Matt checked out the big trackers (it brought joy to him b/c it reminded him of home - though he didn't want to take this picture because it wasn't a John Deere)...

...saw some farm animals, including the prize winning 800 pound pig...

...and don't forget about the 800 pound cabbage...

Yep, that's real.  Kinda ridiculous, if you ask me.  Due to the endless daylight up here, these vegetables grow gigantic during the summer. 

And, of course there is the 609 pound pumpkin...but it only got 2nd place.

And last but not least there are the 8 pound cucumbers.
I think they could actually feed the entire town of Palmer if they weren't such prized possessions.

Then later this week we had another first:

Our Visitor

One morning as I am getting my morning coffee together before work, Mocha starts going crazy outside.  I look out and what do I see?

We had our first moose in our backyard!  Ok - so I didn't actually get a picture of it. Nor was it laying down or sunny outside (we are losing 5 and 1/2 minutes of daylight a day at this point...tear...), but please enjoy this cool photo I found.  My first instinct was that it was a horse...but then I remembered I wasn't in Texas anymore, and I felt rather dumb. 

Of course I scream at Matt who was upstairs barely awake and he comes running down because he thinks I'm getting attacked - which might have killed the coolness of the moment - but nevertheless, I was really excited.   I'm sure there will be many more to come and maybe I'll get my own picture next time.

Plus, I'm glad it was a moose and not the bear that frequents our streets our postman and neighbor have mentioned. 

Just another day in Alaska, right? :)

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