Sunday, September 5, 2010

Thank you Technology

Alaska is far away.  It keeps us from attending important functions - friend's weddings, baby showers, birthday parties...and our annual fantasy football draft party.  At times it's hard, though we knew moving would force us to sacrifice being apart of many of these things...but not today.

I mean serious matters demand serious business. 

So thankfully we live in a day and age when distance does not distract from joining in on the fun times - even if they are in Oklahoma.

It wouldn't be complete without the draft spreadsheet via a 62" TV screen either.
This is what happens when you get married.


Lynn Cooper said...

Oh the fantasy draft...Ben just had one of those too. And the iphone looks like its floating b/c you have it on a glass table :).

Paige said...

I loved the technology on Sunday night! It was so great to get everyone connected! Although we missed you at the draft party, with all the trash talk and general comments, it felt like everyone was there. Thanks for the pictures!