Saturday, September 18, 2010

Really Target?

I have mentioned that things are little more pricey up here.  Something about the distance and shipping costs. Anyways..

Case in point when I went to Target the other day and bought myself a new wallet. 

I noticed that there were little stickers on all their price tags.  I had a suspicion, but I wanted to think positively (because to be honest, I really liked the wallet and you can talk yourself into anything when it's necessary)... 

...but I get home to discover this...
It was marked up!...and they were not even subtle about it!  Geez.  Very disappointing.

(Obviously not too upsetting, b/c I opted to swallow the $2 for the sake of my cute new purchase.  I'll just have to keep that in mind when I continue to shop there...I don't think I can commit to a 3-5 year hiatus from Target any time soon.)

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