Sunday, January 23, 2011

Crosscountry Skiing Powerline Pass

It has been frigid here. And I'm not just talking about I-live-in-Alaska-cold, but unusually consistently below zero, no snow harsh, brutal weather.  It's been terrible.  Just going outside my hands would burn from instant freezing.  Taking Mocha for a walk was torture, even she would do her business in record time so we could go back inside - of which we are thankful.  The worst part...well, let's say, a bad part...was that there was no fresh snowfall for about 3 weeks.  It caused all the existing snow turn to ice, which made for outdoor sports a no-go.  Until....

We finally got some cloud cover which made it "warm" up to the 20's and a couple days worth of snowfall. A long time coming. Naturally we come out of our cacoon and threw on the skiis. Matt spent a good part of Friday downhill skiing Alyeska...while I sat at my desk at work (I'm not bitter at all)...and Saturday we ventured out to a trail familiar to us from the summer while hiking and enjoyed some crosscountry skiing with some friends.  Then we headed back to their place for some slowcooker white chicken chili (yum!).

Other than my hair freezing and the life-threatening slippery roads on the way to the trail (ok..they weren't that bad), we had a blast!  I think I found a new hobby to help keep me slightly sane during these long winters!

Enjoying our new skis bummed off a co-worker of Matt's moving back to the south.
Worked out well for us!
Our good friends, Ann and Chad, with their dog
I was sad we didn't bring Mocha.

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