Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year's Resolution

For the most part, I'm not really big on New Year's resolutions. Mainly because I just forget what they are.

But not this one. I remember this one each year.  To some I might be considered an organizational ocd type person.  I like things clean, uncluttered and not having TOO much (it's all relative, right?).  It began when Matt and I got married (ok, not really, I've been like this my whole life - Matt just added to the need for it), we moved into the same house and combined we already owned + all the awesome wedding presents we received.  It was A LOT.  It was also a challenge to decide what to get rid of and what to keep.  A project of which I don't think ever comes to completion.  I'm consistently going through and getting rid of things we never use, nor need.

But the closet is another issue to tackle.  My closet is full of clothes that are too big, too small, out of style but might come back into style, not Alaskan worthy (aka- warm), etc...and then the clothes I wear on a day to day basis of course.  

So every New Year, Matt and I made a pact to go through and declutter our closet.  We help each other decide items to discard that really could benefit another individual more than us. 

Our donation pile.
No, Mocha isn't part of the give-aways.
Then I found this awesome idea (can't remember who to give credit to), but to turn all your hangers backwards.  Then after you wear an item you can make the hanger face the correct direction.  This way you can see what you actually wear. Ingenious. 

So this year we are going to try it.  I'm rather excited. 
Call me a dork. I'm ok with that.  But our closet looks good.


Lauren said...

That's a great idea...can I steal it? I'm always wondering which ones I wear; which ones I just like to look at; and which ones I'm in denial of not being able to fit into anymore. I think this is the perfect way to just be honest and give those things away!=) Hope y'all are doing well and stay warm!

Laura Moore said...

Of course you can steal it! I stole it to begin with:) and most of my best ideas are somebody elses! It will be rather eye opening to see what I unnecessarily hold on to.
Warm is key up here...but we are through the worst this winter. Yay! Hope all is well with you!

Anonymous said...

I like this idea, Laura.

Just checkin' out your blog. You two sound like you are having a fun time in Alaska despite the cold.