Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm learning it's winter in Alaska when... scrape ice off your windshield and by the time you get back in you car, there is more ice on your windshield.
...lines in the roads typically used to determine where your lane is are now covered by ice and snow, thus each man for himself in determining if he can really fit between those two cars at that stop light. 
...same for parking lots - officiall "spots" are nonexistant.'s dark when I leave the 3:45pm.
...gone are the days of my skin ever seeing the sunlight. almost hit a gigantic bull moose - while driving out of your neighborhood.'s considered 'warm' when it hits the upper 20's.
...I can buy frozen goods and they'll stay frozen in my trunk all day long.
...I don't leave home without my wool socks.
...a gym bag left in the car all day results in a dead ipod, frozen facial wash and brutally cold clothes to change into. need to think twice when deciding to wash your vehicle.  It will probably result in getting trapped inside when the remaining hot water on the outside immediately freezes and the car door will not open.  This may or may not have caused Matt wasted time in the garage while waiting for it to melt.  I was wondering where he was...

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