Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Goodbye Sauna

Sauna, you ask?  Yes, when we bought our house there was a full blown sauna in the upstairs of our home.  Our home was built in the 70's and those were apparently pretty popular up here.  It's in the 2nd bathroom...and didn't work (electrical had been cut at some point). 

So, remember this?  We were working on creating more space to store our stuff.  The guest bedroom just had to hold onto it for a bit during the process.
After much debate (of resale value, etc), we decided that it would be more worthwhile for us to add to our lacking storage space and turn the sauna into a full cedar closet.

Here is what is used to look like.  Perfect condition. Almost like it was never used.  Too bad we wouldn't either.
Matt working usual.
Matt was able to salvage most of the cedar and it was a rather quick turnaround project (my favorite kind).  The benches turned to shelving. The cedar plank floors were turned to carpet (left at the house when the previous owner re carpeted before we moved in).  The door was replaced with the old door from our master bedroom closet that we removed during it's remodel.  We had to buy a new light fixture and carpet pad...but that's about it.  We decided to make it our Christmas storage closet (sad we have that much Christmas decor?) to free up a spare bedroom's closet for all our gear we have accumulated since moving up here (and maybe it's sad we so much of that too?).

It looks beautiful.  It makes me happy when everything is organized. :)
Good job Matt!

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Anne said...

Nice work guys!! Looks great!