Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A little more decor

I guess I'm thief, because I like to steal ideas.  So I hope people don't mind... 

I made this wreath for Sarah's soon-to-be-born baby girl, Addison.  I stole the idea from here (thanks Lauren!:)).  Her colors are creams and whites with a splash of turquoise.

After I made it, I realized how much I really liked it. So made one for myself...naturally.  Do you remember our recent guest room makeover?  Well I was still in the market for artwork above the bed.  A perfect excuse to make one.  I also had found these beautiful 2-pack frames at Pier 1 (which were on sale of course), that would hopefully tone down my bright orange wall (which I still love). 

I finally got them hung...which took some leveling and a couple re-dos to make straight, but I think that room might be about done (which I'm sure Matt is happy about).
Since I don't think I've ever shown the other wall, I thought I've give you a glimpse.  It contains a beautiful inherited piano from my grandparents. One day it'll probably not sit in a guestroom - until then, it nestles quite well in this empty space.  I also found this giant clock (I love clocks) to break up the big white wall, a lamp got relocated from the living room and I found some orange twigs and blue lantern to tie in the rooms colors.
Unfortunately the room currently looks like this:

Like how my pictures above hid all the mess? We are in the midst of the next remodel project (and by "we", I mostly mean Matt).  More to come on that soon.


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