Thursday, September 1, 2011

The North Pole

This past week the in-laws were in town.  We did some (and by some...I mean a lot of) traveling around Alaska.  I think we may have been in the car more than anything else. But we were able to see many things that we probably would never have seen if we hadn't sacrificed and drove.
Luther and Leah posing with Denali
After hitting up Fairbanks (and not much that is there considering it's the 2nd largest city in Alaska), we visited the North Pole. 
Yep, a fairytale town of Christmas.  It's where Santa's house is.  Even the light poles are painted like candy canes.  And Santa resides year round for all the giddy-about-Christmas tourists like myself. 

Naturally we met and chatted with the happy fellow.  And even got him to personally sign a classic book of The Night Before Christmas for Maddie's future holiday celebrations (if she doesn't get here before this years, we will have it for the year to come).

Christmas is my favorite.  I love everything about it.  Always have.  It was a place of bliss. :) 

We also visited the iconic pipeline that in a roundabout way landed us in Alaska. 
And an ice museum where they house ice sculptures during the winter months, so you don't actually have to visit when it's 40 below outside. 

It was a good trip, though I look forward to not having to make that drive again in the near future. :)

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