Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Kitchen

I am a little addicted to which they teach that kitchens are one of the most important selling features to a home.  Most Alaska homeowners have not gotten that memo yet.  But thankfully the house we purchased had a fully upgraded kitchen...and brand new!  What a blessing. 

It certainly isn't the size of our previous home...but that'd be hard to beat.

Our Houston kitchen
I had every cooking utensil/appliance nicely spread out in all my abundance of cabinets and drawers. 

Sadly those days are of the past.  Now they are shoved into every nook and cranny imaginable.

But I do love my kitchen. I love the bright lights.  I love the stainless steel appliances. I love the open feel into the living and dining room.  I love the tile.  It was just missing one thing (of course after I painted)...
And after...
Can you tell the difference? It's the little things that make an impact.  And now it's much easier to open drawers and doors.  Matt liked knobs.  I liked bars.  So we compromised and got both.

Another project completed...

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