Tuesday, April 10, 2012

3 months

This is a few days late (about a week actually), but we just got back from a whirlwind of a trip back South to meet all the family.  It's always bittersweet when we get home, sad to leave family, but glad to be back to our routine and own bed again.

Maddie has turned 3 months old!  No longer a newborn anymore, which I can't decide if I'm happy or sad about.  I'm pretty sure she just gets cuter and more entertaining by the day.  At 10 weeks she weighed about 12 pounds, but we don't go to the doctor for another month to find out how much she's still grown.  
She is still a champ of a sleeper.  Usually will go for about 7 hours at night without waking and then after a diaper change and feeding will go back down for a couple hours.  We've started putting her to bed earlier, about 8pm, but we will attempt to get on more a schedule since we are back from traveling for a while.  "Putting her down" can take upwards of an hour.  But I figure at this point its totally worth it for a full nights sleep.

Maddie is full of smiles, giggles and coos.   She has discovered her hands and feet.  She loves to chew on her fingers.  She also has learned to swing at her toys and bring blankets or anything in her lap to her mouth to suck on.  She will only sometimes take a pacifier.  Her gas/reflux seems to be getting better which we are so thankful for!  She loves bath time - until she is taken out of her tub.  Maddie is a wiggler, loves to kick and throw her arms around.  Still fusses when swaddled, she likes her freedom.
We have been working on sitting up and she can hold her head for several minutes when she is propped up.  She also just rolled over for the first time!  She loves to grab my shirt and's funny how all the little things are so exciting when it's your own child.

We go walking twice a week with some friends, we've even started venturing outside lately (with the 4 feet of snow still left).  And Matt still watches Maddie twice a week during his lunch so I can visit the gym.

I feel like it's getting easier.  I don't know if it's the age or the just understanding what it's like having a baby.  Being her mother is such a blessing.  I fall in love with her more every day.  Happy three months baby girl.

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