Wednesday, April 18, 2012


It's been "springy" in the 40s lately (I never thought I'd say that feels warm), so I've been walking outside with Maddie and Mocha every day.  I love it.  I can take the stroller and walk on the pavement.  Not snow.  Not ice.  Concrete.  It's amazing.

I have been traumatized since living up here.  Maybe I did it to myself, since from day one of arriving in Alaska I'm terrified of wildlife.  Bears and moose in particular.  We see them all the time.  Like on the highway the other day when I had to slam on my breaks because a moose was strolling across the street.  Whenever you see random traffic's not always an accident.  Sometimes it's just a large beast enjoying life.  On the roadway.

Moose are a lot like cows.  In that they are usually slow-moving and have a "whatever" approach in their demeanor.  But did you know more people are attacked by moose than bears and wolves combined?  I'm not joking.  And they are HUGE!  The second largest land animal in North America, if curious.  And they are largest in Alaska - 7 ft tall at the shoulder!   When I'm walking I'm constantly looking for open garage doors or cars driving by, so I can jump inside if a moose starts chasing me.  Which means I typically avoid the trails when alone.  I like to think I'm cautious.  Not crazy.

Wildlife up here freaks me out.  Many a nightmares are filled with moose or bears chasing me. 

Anyways, I should have known better when Matt and I saw a moose and her babe taking an evening walk with us the other night.  Down the street.  In our neighborhood.  So, as I'm walking Mocha the next day, she stops to do her business by a fence.  And I hear rustling.  Guess who it is?  Mama moose and her baby a foot away from me! Starring me down. Sure they were on the other side of the fence, but I reason that they could jump it.  So I run across the road, in front of a car, carrying Maddie on my chest and pulling Mocha who is thinks her 80 pound body can compete with their 800 pounds.   Goodness.

It was neat, however, when I looked up earlier in the week and saw a bald eagle flying just above the tree tops outside our home.  Where else does that happen?  Take it all in stride, I suppose.

But now as summer is approaching and bears are coming out of hibernation...the saga just continues.  I'm just excited it'll soon be free of snow!  Oh the good things in life.

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