Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Warmer Travels

After enduring the winter season of Alaska as described below, we hopped a plane and headed south.  I'd been looking forward to this for months.  I am already planning our escapes for next winter. None of this not getting out business.
I won't deny that I was pretty nervous about flying with Maddie for the first time.  We had quite the journey ahead...I actually had nightmares about the disasters that could be and did as much research and preparation as possible.  And she did awesome!  Only a little fussy on the last flight - but I was too after 14 hours of traveling at that point.  

You can see Maddie's expression that reflects my heart once we landed in Texas.
Want to know our itinerary?  Prepare yourself.  Anchorage. Seattle. San Fransisco. Dallas. Oklahoma City. Tulsa. Ponca City. Oklahoma City. Austin. Keller. Dallas. San Fransisco. Seattle. Anchorage.  Only one cancelled flight and one delay.  All in ten days.  All with an infant.   Plus we actually remained sane.  I feel like I deserve a gold medal.  And a week of sleep.

We had a great time with family and friends.  It was busy, but that's how we roll when we go back.  So many people to see and things to do in such a short amount of time.  Certainly one challenge of living so far away.

We celebrated a couple Easter celebrations and Maddie got all fancied up thanks to her grandmas.
 I mean she's just too cute.
First major holiday celebrated.
We also introduced Maddie to her southern Texas roots.
We got some good quality time with our nephew, Wesley.  Christmas is going to be fun this year with two little ones running around.
Maddie and Wesley hit it off.   Though his sweet hugs may or may not have freaked her out this time around.  Don't worry Wesley, she still loves you.  And maybe one day she'll be able to keep up with you.
 Sometimes I get ridiculous with her hair accessories.
The weather couldn't have been better.  Sunshine.  Shorts.  Sandals.  It was glorious.  I told Matt he could pinch me if I complained once about being hot.  I wasn't ashamed to boast my florescent skin.

Maddie has now met all her aunts.  She is loved...and rather stylish thanks to Caitlin.
Maddie also met her great grandparents.  I think she was a hit.

A rarity.  The whole family together.  I love that our family just keeps growing.
Sweet memories of four generations of women together.
My one request was as much time outside as possible.  And shopping.  I live in a state of deprivation of both.
No rest for the weary on this trip.  Sleeping could happen once we returned to Alaska.  Or in the hours spent at the airport.
It was bittersweet upon our return.  Glad to be in our home again and back to routine.  But sad to leave family.  Thankfully it's not forever.  But next time we visit I'm going to push for a direct flight.

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