Thursday, May 3, 2012

Four Months

Seriously. Where does the time go?  We have our big four month appointment in a couple weeks (I guess I waited too long to book an appointment - who knew you had to call so far in advance?), but we are anxious to see how much Maddie has actually grown.  Sometimes we think she's abnormally large for her age, compared to other kiddos, but that just makes more of her to love!
Maddie officially is a roller.  Front to back and back to front.  I think she surprises herself each time she does it.  We just bought her a bouncy chair and she loves it (and I love it too, because it gives me a few minutes to get something done).  Maddie and I do a lot of our errands during the day in the Ergo carrier, because that car seat is getting way to heavy to tote around with her in it!

She is such a smiley baby.  Everywhere I go people comment on how happy and smiley she is.  Except for those times when she's hungry...or wet...or tired.  But usually she's super happy. :)

She makes me laugh as she sucks on her bottom lip, chews on her tongue and talks to herself during car rides in the baby mirror we have hanging in the backseat.  It's also exciting when I try to expand her horizons by going to baby & me yoga...and she cries the entire time.  It may have lost the calming experience for those others in the room.  Sorry - I guess that's not her thing.

Unfortunately, we have not seen the days of 10 hours of sleep at night lately.  Suddenly she's hungry about every 3 hours again.  I guess I enjoyed it while it lasted.  She's turned into a pretty decent napper, as long as we are home.  Usually 3-4 naps, the longest lasting about 3 hours.  We are transitioning out of the phase that we can sleep anywhere and everywhere we go.  Good thing I'm a homebody at heart. :)  Maddie has also decided that she doesn't like a bottle.  Nope.  Not gonna take it.  Which is going to make date night or girls night (or anything without her, really) a very difficult idea to justify.  I'm praying it's just a phase...

I also think we are starting to teeth that possible?  She has about 95% of the symptoms.  But no teeth have revealed themselves yet, so I guess time will tell.

I've also decided as each month passes, that this is my new favorite age.  I love her so much more every day.

And I think she has no idea how cute she really is.
"You talking to me?!"
"Somebody help me!  Mom won't stop taking pictures of me!"

"Ok, mom, I'm done.  Can I take my nap now?"

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