Monday, May 7, 2012

Our well-rounded daughter

We want Maddie to be a well-rounded, flexible individual.  And we are doing what we can to not completely alter our lives/isolate ourselves at home (which at times seems like it would be so much easier).  So she comes with us to everything (especially since at the present time she won't take a bottle - so she literally comes with me everywhere right now).  

Such as for her first bowling experience.  A Big Brothers, Big Sisters fundraiser.  Unfortunately the bowling balls weigh as much as she does.  But you can tell she was enjoying it. :)
This past weekend she also experienced her first 10K race (Matt's first too!).  Matt came up with the idea that we'd train for a half marathon together this spring, to stay in shape and help me get back into shape.  We run together when he gets off work before dinner and decided weekend races would be a fun way to complete our long runs.  This weekend we got second place in the stroller division!  Okay, we kinda made that up, but we did only slightly get beat by this other guy with a stroller.  I think we should have gotten an award.
Running has turned into a family affair since Maddie always joins us, so once I found out that none of the half marathons up here allow strollers, I was pretty bummed.  We might end up just signing up for one to get the medal/T-shirt and then running it on our own another day.
All finished!  Maddie slept 95% of the time...
the other 5% I was rattling her toy while running next to her to lull her back asleep. :)
She also experienced her first dodge ball tournament.  Our church group signed up for a dodge ball tourney to help support Young Life.  We would take turns sitting out corralling all the kids while the others played.  Good thing the games were only 3-5 minutes long each.  That's a lot of young kids for two people!  We were by far the oldest team.  And guess what? We won! hah.  Here are all the dads with their kiddos awaiting our turn out on the court.
Matt and I are excited about this summer...which is filling up so fast!  Last summer I wasn't feeling well the majority of the time, so we didn't get out to do much.   But this year we have lots of camping, hiking and biking plans coming up.  We just pray Maddie enjoys them as much as we do (or that could put a damper on things)!

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