Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Remember when just a couple short months ago our backyard looked like this?  Yuck.  I'm dreading those days again. 
 But then the snow started to melt and we built a raised garden bed.  And it looked like this:
We worked on planting our little seeds inside next to the sunniest window in our home and I was amazed to watch my little plants grow...because usually they die under my care.
Once they got bigger, we transplanted them to solo cups...since it was still too cold outside to plant them in the ground (even though it was May).
As June 1st arrived (which is usually the last frost up here, depressing I know), I went to planting them in our garden.  We even added this trellis to help the snow peas blossom.  And of course I had to make it cute with little signs signifying what each vegetable is...just in case we forgot.:)  Just looking out the window (it's right outside out living room) at the greenery and sunshine makes me happy.
Then we decided that our back yard still needed help.  Grass wouldn't grow and only the back portion gets direct sunlight, not where the current concrete patio resides by the back door.  We would never sit there because in the shade it's just too cold for my liking.  So we decided to add more patio space by laying some pavers.  Matt did an excellent job on them.
I even built two little herb planters you can see on the little table.  Matt helped me cut the wood, because the saw freaks me out and my hand is so small I can barely push the button, but I nailed them together and put a fresh, bright coat of paint on them with some basil, parsley and cilantro.  All we have left to do is pick up some mulch to fill in where there is still ground showing...since grass just doesn't happen there for whatever reason.
Even Mocha enjoys taking in the beauty that is now our back patio (and you can see the shade/sun difference we have going on).  Oh how that dreadful space now makes me so happy.

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