Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Half Marathon

We did it.  We crossed the finish line.  2 hours, 12 minutes.  I have to give major props to Matt who pushed the stroller 99% of the time (he let me push it across the finish line, isn't that sweet?).  When I went to pick up our bibs the day before, I doubled checked to make sure strollers were allowed.  That would have been a complete bummer had we shown up and had nothing to do with Maddie.  They were (yay!) and surprisingly there weren't many strollers on the half (the marathon had a complete different route), so we got a TON of comments.  I think it helped motivate us to push through. Maddie did awesome - slept about half of it, took in her surroundings the other half - little fussiness involved.  Everyone loved her little feet kicked up as she strolled by.

Here we are before the race.  It was a beautiful day.  A rarity in Anchorage. 
Do you like my knee brace?  I strained a muscle in my knee while training.  Then earlier that week I woke up with a pulled muscle in my back.  I feel like an 80-year old woman.  I have a baby and my body officially starts falling apart.

At least we crossed the finish line.  I was excited that they even gave Maddie a medal.  It was tough work for her.  Clearly.
Matt now wants to continue to train for the full marathon that is in August.  We are still in debate about that one.  Strollers aren't allowed, so that's one strike against it.  Strike two is that it's twice as long.
I tried to get enough pictures to satisfy my need of documentation, so that in 20 years Maddie can look back and see that at one point in time her parents actually were in shape.

We crashed when we got home.  And drew straws to see who would carry Maddie up and down the stairs.

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