Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Knik River Lodge

Sometimes there are good deals to be found on Groupon.  One of the best ways we can try new things on a dime.  Such as our recent anniversary trip to Knik River Lodge.  

When the website advertises "flushing toilets" really don't know what to expect.  The lodging situation up here is kinda sketch - especially outside of Anchorage.  Once we booked a night at this very well known lodge and the room was so bad we ended up driving through the night to just get home to our own bed.   But I guess when 99% of what you do overnight in Alaska involves a tent and sleeping bag, it'd be considered a step up to have "flushing toilets".  

However, this place was beautiful. clean. quiet. peaceful.  Much better than I anticipated.  A wonderful escape, even if it was only for the night.  

Here is our personal lodge.  It is basically big enough for a bed, bath and small kitchenette.
And there were 2 rows of them.  Only 15 in all.  It was so quiet even though they seem pretty close together.
 The views from the porch were amazing.
Since this place is literally at the end of a long windy road, there isn't much to do (unless you wanted to spend more money than we would like to fly in the helicopter chasing down bears).  So we ate at this gourmet restaurant they have on site.   The hut you see in the middle of the picture is the restaurant.  The red colored building to the left is kitchen.
Yes, I had my doubts too...but it was actually pretty good.  But I guess you can't go wrong with freshly caught Alaskan seafood.

I think we were the only locals/American there.  Lots of European folks came to visit.  I also think we were the only ones with a small didn't think we left her at home, did you?  She was a champ.  Until the fancy restaurant wanted us to enjoy the experience and prolong our dinner.  Maddie isn't use to that.  
So when the inevitable fussiness began, we did what we could to keep her happy and entertained in the way-too-quiet-of-a-restaurant-for-a-crying-baby.
Unfortunately, we ended up taking turns exiting the hut while the other ate.  Maybe not so romantic, but it worked.  This is why we don't go to nice places anymore. :)

However,  I love being able to escape from our home, without having to fly 8+ hours or sleep in a sleeping bag.   It was a wonderful way to celebrate the most rewarding three years of my life married to an incredible man.

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