Tuesday, June 5, 2012

5 months

It's hard to believe that Maddie is five months old.  She is such a blessing to our family.  She makes me laugh every day.  I cannot imagine my life without this little precious one.  I feel like I get to know her better every day.  Her sweet little personality is certainly coming through.  She's a goofy baby girl.  Loves to laugh and smile.  
She's learned she has a high pitched shriek which she thinks is funny to make at the most inconvenient times - such as right next to my ear.  She's learned how to get our attention if nobody is focusing on her.  She loves to read, play with her toes, bounce in her bouncer and go for jogs in her stroller with Matt and I.
This month was a big month.  She's mastered sitting up (though after a little bit she topples over).  Went on her first camp out.  She's even started solids.  Maddie's had applesauce and banana.  She's still not 100% on either quite yet, but it allows Matt and I to eat dinner with her while she's occupied with her own food next to us.
Maddie still likes to wake up about every 3 hours at night to eat (which is why we've started solids sans our pediatrician).  She loves tummy time - which makes me a little anxious that crawling is right around the corner.  Thankfully she is getting better about her stranger anxiety.  Before I'd hand her to someone and immediately the tears came.  The last few weeks she's let almost anyone hold her.  She's started the fun game of throwing everything on the ground and grabbing anything in sight and putting it into her mouth.
She still takes 2-3 naps during the day.  On a good day one lasts 2-3 hours, but typically they are only about an hour.  Sometimes in the crib, sometimes in the swing, sometimes in the Ergo.
We are so thankful for you Madelyn.  I thank God every day that He entrusted you to us.  You couldn't be more loved.

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