Thursday, June 21, 2012

random thursday thoughts

Life is getting exciting around here.  Maddie started walking! 
Just kidding.  We are just getting good at sitting on our own.  First things first.  That would be crazy...and probably rather stressful.  She lasted standing/leaning on her own for just long enough for me to take that picture to send to Matt one day.  

Anyways, this little girl cracks me up.  She loves to just sit with her legs in the air, like how I caught her after an afternoon nap one day.  Not crying at all.  Just chilling with her legs straight up.
I'm glad that swaddle worked out well.

It's actually been warm here this week.  The forecast said it was supposed to hit 70 every day this week. 7-0.  Not sure if that's been true, but I wore shorts one day.  Shorts.  That may have been the third time I've done that up here and the first time I didn't go straight back inside to put jeans and a sweater on.

Matt and I took a little stroll on the trails on Sunday (or a 4-mile walk, whichever you'd like to call it) and wandered on over to the a beach we have in Anchorage.  It's actually a lake.  A nasty looking, cold lake.  But they have an area roped off for swimming.  And life guards on duty.  There were a TON of people there. In bathing suits.  Tanning. Swimming. Building sand castles.  I still don't believe it.  Poor deprived people.  That is not a beach...I thought as I walked by in a jacket looking at the snow on the mountains still.
However, I will say it was warm enough for Maddie to help Matt mow.  In her Sunday best.  Hah.  Just kidding again.  We were doing a photo shoot for Matt's dad.  We actually don't mow up here.  The mower just takes up precious space in our little garage.  That's one perk of living in a townhouse.  And HOA fees.  They do all the yard work for us.
But isn't she cute?  
 I had to introduce her to grass. And the sun.  She's still not so sure of either.  Ok...just one more...
Oh and part of my squash plants died.  I'm not surprised though.  Somehow almost all plants die under my care.  I'm debating if I should dig them up.  Is it more depressing to look at dead plants or just dirt? Hm...
At least the rest of the garden is flourishing.  I don't understand either.  I think I might make myself a salad today.  From my garden.  I never thought I'd say that.

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