Wednesday, August 8, 2012

another camping excursion

Maddie has come down with a cold.  It's her first sickness.  Poor thing can't breath through her nose.  Matt caught a bug going around at work and our little girl picked it up.  But for being so sick, she's in surprisingly good long as she's being held. :)  As for me, I'm trying to not overreact in the realm of mommy hood.  I think it might be harder on me than it is on her.

But before she came down with this cold, we spent the weekend camping out in Seward.  Our small group from church has been planning this event all summer.  We headed out for two nights (which always seems more worthwhile after spending hours setting everything up) and it allowed us to just relax and have a campfire for the entire 48 hours we were there. I literally don't think the fire went out except for the few hours a night when everyone was sleeping.
Unfortunately, it rained.  Am I surprised?  Not really.  Thankfully the boys set up this tarp contraption that kept us dry.  Made me feel a little redneck.  Amazing what you can get away with in the wilderness.
We loved our camp fire.  It was a balmy 40-50 degrees.  Oh first of August, I never expected you to be so cold.

We actually saw the sun coming into camp (a rare treat), but that quickly changed.  There are mountains over there across the bay.  I promise.
That little dot is Mocha living up her freedom.
 So we stayed bundled and embraced the rain with all our babies.
Dare I say that might be our last camping trip of the summer?  My hope is to squeeze one more in...but we will see.  It's practically fall/winter up here already.

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