Wednesday, August 15, 2012

See you soon, Mocha

Yesterday Mocha enjoyed her last walk in Alaska.  The weather has been beautiful (such a nice note to end on!) so I've been taking my children - Maddie and Mocha included - on nice long 1+ hour walks.  I look forward to this part of my afternoon each day.
But when we found out we were moving, Matt and I quickly decided it might be easier without a 75 pound pooch running around.  Thankfully my mom graciously offered to take care of her for awhile back in Texas until we get moved on out of here.  Maybe now I won't have to vacuum up dog hairs every few hours or worry about rushing a baby and a large dog out the door for house showings.

Mocha had her good times up here.  Alaska is incredibly dog friendly.  Like the fact that my old job allowed us to bring our dogs to work with us.  Yep.  That's kinda crazy to me.  And maybe not the most productive.  But Mocha enjoyed it on occasion.
She also enjoyed all the hikes.  And we enjoyed it when she slept for days afterwards.
She loved the snow.  Poor thing may never see that again.  I hope she doesn't get heat stroke.  And sorry mom for all the shedding I'm sure is about to ensue.
 Pretty much everywhere we did Mocha.
She is kinda like our first child, although Matt was forced into the relationship.  I like to think she prepared us for parenthood.
Though I'm sure she won't miss this minuscule thing of a back yard.  I'm praying for a large lot next go around.
I was sad to bring her to the airport.  I worry too much about her stress levels while flying.  I actually backed out last minute and made Matt take her.  Goodbyes are terrible, even if they are to a dog.  She's currently in route on her 12 hour flight back to Texas.  I pray that the benadryl worked it's wonder.

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