Thursday, August 23, 2012

moving thoughts

My calendar I hang on the fridge is a mess.  All my "plans" for the next month are crossed out in big black pen, replaced by new plans.  Like house hunting in Houston.  Or going away dinners with friends.  Or trying to squeeze in that massage Matt got me for my birthday before we leave.

I've officially decided that selling a house with a baby is not easy.  I'm thankful she's still so little that she only makes a small mess in the spot I set her down in, but she's still so little that she takes 2-3 naps during the day.  At least half of which were interrupted or didn't happen due to house showings.  Which makes a cranky baby.  And an exhausted momma.  I probably have spent 10+ hours of my life in the last week driving in circles around town trying to get the wee one to get some sort of nap in the back seat.  But I never turned down a house showing...we just need one buyer.  One.  So come one, come all.  And please buy our house.

We have narrowed down our winter gear supplies.  Did you know that selling snow tires on Craigslist is a headache?  So many tire dealers wanting in on the action...I probably got 5 calls a day about those darn tires.  But those are finally gone.  We also no longer own snow shoes or cross country skis.  Since we won't be needing them in Houston.  We plan on trading them in for pool floats and flip flops.  And I guess we can go ahead and pack up all our below zero gear for another day.  I pulled out my box of summer clothes I stowed away when we moved here.  Oh my pasty white skin may not be ready to be exposed again.

And the food.  I feel like the food part is a tricky aspect of moving.  Trying to eat the food up without actually having a full meal available.  My 20 pound bag of potatoes is slow going.  Creativity is key.  And we are eating a lot of baked fries.  Thankfully we are checking a cooler full of our fish when we fly down, so I can throw in a few freezer items that we can't get rid of this quickly - like Maddie's milk supply and that gigantic bag of cheese I just bought from Costco.

At times I feel like it's not real.  Like I'm just floating through this move.  I know this will not be our last.  But I'm excited for what's to come.  I'm thankful God prepares our hearts for His plan.  Because He is certainly full of surprises.

...and I really hope that part of His plan involves a house with a pool...:)

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