Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Moving with a baby?

This week has been full.  And yet has felt sooo long!  After a couple days when the shock of the move wore off, I got into the mode of let's-get-on-with-this-already!  I feel like I wait around each day for a glimmer of additional information from the relocation people.  Each day I get just a tid bit.  Just enough to keep me hanging.  I'm a planner.  And maybe a little impatient.  If you are going to throw my world upside down, at least let me plan it out.  And quickly.  Goodness.

But I guess in hindsight, we did just find out a week ago we are moving.  

One week.  And I've already made the mental shift.  I guess that's good?

We've cleaned (and cleaned and does this house get so dirty?!), painted the 6 tiny little touch-up spots that each required a different paint color, met with 2 different realtors and put our house on the market, searched relentlessly for a new house via, spent hours on hold with the airlines trying to figure out how to get Mocha back to Texas, returned unopened groceries, sold some winter gear, cleaned off the roof and gutters (apparently I purchased gravel instead of ice melt this winter...and it was clogging up our gutters.  Oops.  This is why I don't make runs to the hardware store.), and dealt with a sick baby.

This is how Maddie feels about leaving Alaska.
It's her new face.  She never fails to make me laugh.

It takes about 100x's longer to do anything with her.  Oh how I took it for granted on our last move when it was just the dog to deal with.  How do people do it with multiple kids?  That stresses me out thinking about it.  Because it'll probably happen to us one day.
We are getting to the age that we like to get into everything.  And somehow she can scoot from one side of the blanket to the other.  And knock over the full humidifier spilling water all over the floor.  In the 10 seconds I'm not looking.  Amazing.

I'm getting a little concerned about the logistics of the move.  It takes at least 6 weeks to get our stuff shipped to Houston.  And that's assuming we find and close on a house by then.  Six weeks without any baby stuff.  No crib.  No bouncer.  No swing.  No high chair.  No baby tub.  This could get tricky.

I did buy her first swim suit.  I cannot wait.  I hope the pools are still open when we get there.  I'm pretty sure Maddie is going to have to run around a naked kid because she's going to be so hot.  It was 70 yesterday and she was sweating on our afternoon walk.  I'm determined to not complain about heat since I've been freezing the past 2 years.  Though realistically we might melt as we transition.
Not to mention her naps.  Those might get tricky with this house on the market.  I hope a lot of them don't have to go uninterrupted.  And house hunting?  How does that happen with a baby in tow?  I guess we are about to see how flexible our little girl really is.

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Joyce Heine said...

You won't remember this, but we were house hunting in Colorado when Caitlin was 7 months old, too. You were 4, and Amy was 7.

One day at a time. :-)
You are doing an amazing job with this new adventure!

Love you, Mom