Wednesday, July 13, 2011, 15 weeks

I know they say to take your preggo pics in the same place, wearing the same thing so you can accurately see how you are growing.  But it was sunny outside. And that might be a rarity during this pregnancy.  Plus, I wanted to showcase my pretty flowers that are blooming.  I got them on mothers day at church this year.  I was actually a mom (though it hadn't really sunk in yet).  And I was kinda dressed up because we were headed to dinner, so we took a picture.  I sadly live in sweats unless I'm at work these days. 
This is a little late, as I'll be 15 weeks tomorrow.  Wahoo!  Is it January yet?  I wish the next month could go a little faster so that we can know the gender.  Matt and I spent our Friday night at Barnes & Nobles sitting in the little chairs in the kids section looking at baby name books.  I think we laughed more at awkward possible names than actually deciding on anything.  What are some people thinking when they name their poor child?

I've officially purchased maternity clothes.  I did the belly band for a bit...but when I felt like I couldn't breath anymore with it on, I decided to invest in some maternity pants.  They are all still too big, but I sadly know that will be changing soon.  I also went through my closet and pulled all shirts that will work with a big belly.  I can thank the recent trend of flowy shirts that I have more than a few options to wear.  But I also got a couple true maternity shirts - you know, because I couldn't pass them up and they are supposed to be more "flattering" (though a big belly is a big belly). 

My nausea has eased, though sporadically through the day it'll still hit me.  I actually made dinner last night for the first time in ages!  My food cravings are very unpredictable and Matt has succumbed to the fact that our grocery bill will be a smidge higher with me being pregnant.  But I made my dinner menu for the week and went real grocery shopping yesterday, so it's looking up.  I think this working 20 hours a week thing is also helping the situation.  I'm WAY more rested now! 

I'm beginning to feel like myself again and starting to enjoy this pregnancy thing.  It's kinda fun to see my belly grow knowing that there is a little baby in there! 

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