Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Seward, AK - Round 2

I am always anxious for a vacation.  Especially in a new, exciting place.  And have I mentioned it's super expensive to fly anywhere from Alaska?  The low end will cost at least $500 a ticket.  Why didn't we take more advantage when we lived in Houston?  Anyways, as often as I look for deals to get somewhere tropical, I deemed it important to explore the current state we live in before we spend thousands of dollars to go elsewhere.  Which I feel like we are accomplishing a bit this summer.

For example, a few weekends ago (in between company from back south), we headed back to Seward with our good friends, Anne and Chad.  We had been once before about a year ago.  You can read about our memorable kayaking trip here. But we didn't exactly have time to explore the quaint little town.  So I was excited to get back.

We met Anne, Chad and their two dogs out at the last campsite available.  We got to stay in their nifty Aliner camper.
 Apparently they say Seward does get sunshine...but we have yet to see it.

While the boys attempted unsuccessfully to catch some fish (here comes my womp womp sound effect), Anne and I headed up to Exit Glacier.  Appropriate name as the glacier is quickly "exiting".  Clever, right?  There are signs for miles as you drive up to the trail head of where the glacier used to reside 200 years ago, 100, 50, etc.  It was a quick hike up to see the close-up views.  I'm seeing a theme in many of our hikes lately.
Me and Anne :) 
 Afterwards, we also did a stroll down in town to the original Iditarod start.
 A picture of the whole (growing) family...
 Matt was instructed to tame all 3 dogs while we did a photo shoot.  He did a good job - it helped it only have a last a few minutes.
Then we enjoyed some lovely fish and chips from a local diner.  It was a quick little trip, but we had a great time!

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