Friday, July 8, 2011

first big baby purchase

We found our first piece of baby furniture this week.  Due to the short and expensive supply of really almost anything up here, I decided that after I reached the second trimester I could start hunting for deals.  There was a Craigslist posting for this awesome antique dresser that would have been perfect size for a changing table.  I went and took a look at it, but unfortunately the drawers were so old that they didn't really open or close well.  This and other minor anitiquey aspects would require too much work and new tools that we didn't have time for.  I was rather sad about it...

...until I saw this.  It was also in his garage.  I asked if it was for sale and the said yes - make me an offer!  So for $50 we walked away with this awesome, unique armoire/chest that stands about 4 feet tall.  They used it as a TV stand, but I plan on completing the shelving, putting a back on it and painting it white to match the crib that we will be eventually acquiring.  So, it's not a changing table piece - and I wasn't really planning on purchasing anything like this - but I love it!

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