Sunday, July 31, 2011

already feels like fall

While everyone I know back home is sweltering in the historic heat index, I'm currently bundled up on a cold, rainy afternoon contemplating some hot tea and soup for tonight dinner.  It's hard to believe that tomorrow is August.  Our very short summer is almost to an end.  And though it may reach 70 a time or two again before the snow starts falling, I feel like I should start mentally preparing for what is bound to come.  Another Alaska winter.  (Which in a bright light means that we will be introducing a new life into the world, so I'm not exactly dreading it this time around!)

Thankfully we have a small buffer of fall.  Which is actually a pretty season up here.  I enjoy watching the trees change colors and decorating with pumpkins and oranges, yellows and reds. 

So while Matt has been busily working on refurbishing this beautiful piece of furniture for the future nursery, I needed something to do.  Unfortunately a lot of paint has been involved in this project...of which I can't be around.  So I mosied on over the craft store to see what I could come up with to occupy my time.
As I walked in I was bombarded with fall decor.  I quickly decided I wanted to make a wreath to hang on our new front door.  For some reason I've really been into wreaths lately.  Probably because they are a super easy, cheap project.  Thus my $10 worth of supplies, with coupons (seriously, nothing is that cheap up here).
 As I enjoyed about a 45 minute phone conversation with my sister, Caitlin who lives in Austin, I wrapped, stuffed, cut and hot glued this bad boy together.  
 Don't worry, I'll wait a little longer before putting it on display and bask in the few more days of summer left, though I am a little anxious to get it on the door.

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