Monday, July 18, 2011

Breaking the News

When Matt and I found out we were pregnant, we were obviously incredibly thrilled.  Though being all the way up in Alaska made it a bit bittersweet because we didn't have our family to share in the excitement.  And some things are just not that much fun to tell over the phone.

Thankfully (all God's perfect provision and timing) we had already planned a trip back to Oklahoma for a wedding.  It was going to be a rather quick trip (not my favorite with 1/3 of the time spent flying), but it worked out perfectly that I was going to be about 8 weeks pregnant at that point and we'd be able to tell our family in person.  Due to Mother's Day happening just prior to our arriving, I decided to make our gifts for the Grandma's. :)

Both were in utter shock.  I kinda wish it was recorded as there was about a 10 second lag between opening the gift and it clicking what it meant.  Matt had fooled many a people by proclaiming we were on a "five year track"...which was never the case (at least in my mind). 

The plan wasn't to see my family on this particular trip, just due to the lack of time.  However I convinced my mom to meet me part of the way for dinner on my last night in town.  She finally obliged and I think she understood afterwards why it was crucial to see me.  I was also blessed because Amy, Matt (her husband) and Wesley also came.  I kinda wish I lived next door to them and not 4,000 miles away.  Well, maybe one day.

Here are their gifts.  I found these little chalk board photo holders that I transformed with a little piece of wood and some letters/decor.  I thought they'd have fun counting down with me til the baby arrives. :)
My mom is already called Marmee (from Little Women - a family favorite since we have 4 girls too.  We sometimes believed the movie was written about us), but we didn't know what Matt's mom would want to be called.  Thus the generic wording for the time being.
This is my mom showcasing her surprise at a random restaurant in Ardmore, OK with tornadoes swirling outside. 
Gotta make it memorable, right?
Speaking of which, just about 24 weeks left!


Love My Shoes said...

You are so creative! What an adorable idea. Your baby is lucky to have your mom as a grandma! And you've already proven that you've got the domestic mom skills down. You are going to be an awesome mommy. I'm so happy for you. ~Kris

Laura Moore said...

Thanks Kristin! I'm excited about this new phase in life - and cannot wait to be a mom:).