Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rabbit Lake Trail

A couple weeks ago we took a short 10ish mile Sunday afternoon stroll to Rabbit Lake with our dear friends.  Just was not short by any means.  And being preggo I found myself getting much more short of breath than normal.  Thankfully it wasn't a challenging hike...just long - and filled with great fellowship and outdoor beauty.

Chad and the dogs leading the way on the trail.
 After 5ish miles we reached our destination.  Rabbit Lake.  Crystal clear water at the bottom of the North and South Suicide Peaks.  It was beautiful.
Mocha needed to cool off - though I was (as typical) freezing.  Since moving to Alaska she loves the water.  She even did some swimming around for a bit.  Not surprisingly she slept afterwards for about 3 days.
 The whole gang (except Sayward, Chris' other half).
Chris, Nicole, Jared, Chad, Anne, Me and Matt
 The ladies.  Love these girls.
Chris and Jared chilling on the side of the mountain. 
 And of course our typical "gotta prove we were here" photo. :) With our trusty pup, Mocha.

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