Monday, October 10, 2011

A Baby Shower

A very special day when we were back in Texas is the shower that my sisters and mom threw for me, Matt and Madelyn.  They went above and beyond anything I ever expected.  It was a book shower - to gain a collection of our closest family/friend's favorite childhood books for Maddie.  Caitlin came up with the idea and I absolutely loved it!  We definitely have a great selection to chose from to read to our daughter now!   Friends that I have dearly missed since moving to Alaska made the trip out to attend which really meant a lot to me to have their support and catch up even if it seemed for just a few minutes.  So though it way too quick of an afternoon, I am so thankful to have that memory.
The "Heine" girls - Kelsey, Amy, me, Caitlin and my mom

Amy made this awesome diaper cake.  Sadly I had to take it apart to get it back to Alaska.

I love the banners Caitlin made.  They are going to be hung in the nursery.

They also made these really cool stars...those sadly had to be left behind. :( 
It stinks being stuck to traveling with only a suitcase.  These would have been awesome in the nursery as well. 
And one cannot forget the amazing food spread. 
I wish I could go back and enjoy some more now.

Family photo shoot! 
27 weeks pregnant. We are getting so close!
It was a bit tricky figuring out how to handle the weight and space issue with our luggage flying back, with all the books, various gifts and shopping I did (I have been greatly deprived, so I thought I actually displayed great restraint overall).  But we made it back with only one extra suitcase and very heavy carry-ons. :)  Matt is currently working on painting a small bookshelf for the nursery that will display all the wonderful books Maddie received.  He has recently informed me he's about done with the painting and "re-doing" projects I keep coming up with.  But he has been a great sport about it - because there have been quite a few...

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