Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Toy Chest

There is very little in the nursery that we didn't DIY, fix up, or recycle from another room (other than the crib).  I love that we were able to make it exactly how we wanted it and it sure has kept me busy rather than dwelling on the fact that my jeans probably won't fit again for a loonnng time. 

This summer Matt and I were garage sale-ing one morning and I came across this trunk.  It was full of another person's junk and was being used as a box for "$1 items".  It was nasty and cobwebby and apparently at one point used to store Christmas decor.  I asked if I could take it for $5.  And she gave it to me. Yay!  I love good finds.  
Along the way I primed it down and Matt painted it this lovely yellow color (it's actually more mustardy in person, but these dark winter days kill the natural light for pictures).  It will be Madelyn's toy chest. It's currently empty, but I'm sure over the years it will quickly fill up. 
It's going to go here...eventually...when Mocha is relocated to a new room...which is why it's currently sitting in the middle of the room.  She doesn't really look like she wants to go quite yet, and I'm not going to make her. (And don't mind the bandage on her leg, poor girl is falling apart these days:( )
I also found this amazing, random giraffe while back in Texas.  It's over a foot tall, but I made it fit in our suitcase to come back, no worries (though Matt might have thought I was ridiculous).  I had no plans on incorporating giraffes into the nursery (along with elephants), but I fell in love.  So here he is. :)

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