Thursday, October 6, 2011

Babymoon to Seattle

We just got back from a wonderful vacation - that went by WAY too fast.  Being 27 weeks pregnant, we wanted to go ahead and travel to see some family before I no longer could fly.  Especially since we will miss all the holidays this year (my first time ever for Christmas, my favorite holiday, I'm probably going to be a giant, sobbing mess...if I'm not already just thinking about it).  We also wanted to include a little just-us time in the trip.  One aspect of living a 8 hour flight away is that you almost always have to stop in Seattle (the half way mark to Texas).  Well, for no extra charge, we decided to stop for 4 nights, and leave the airport for the first time.

We got a hotel downtown and just walked and explored and walked some more.  Matt and I are both planners, so this was the most laid back vacation we had been on together. No plans. No expectations. Just relax and enjoy each other and the city. 

I loved Seattle.  It is really a beautiful city (of the downtown we saw).  So much character in the buildings.  Maybe because living in Alaska there is none of that, we appreciate it more. 

 I also secretly wish I lived next door to this market. It was PACKED each time we went by, but the idea of fresh produce and flowers daily would be amazing.  Again, maybe because we don't get that up here either.

And of course we visited the first Starbucks.  A hole in the wall.  We got a latte and hot chocolate - I sadly am not enjoying coffee right now and Matt never has - but we still had to indulge in something.
We spent an evening at a local sports bar so we/aka-Matt could watch the Oklahoma game (after a day of watching other games in our swank hotel room).  I'm a good wife. :)
Which is way when the first night in town I found a cupcake place, we naturally we had to stop at some point.  I don't really know what my obsession is about delicious vanilla cupcakes.  They are just so were these.
Matt most anticipated stop - the Space Needle.  They charge a ton just to ride to the top, so we decided to go ahead and make it a lunch date and eat at the restaurant - at least we'd good a good burger out of the deal.
Only terrified for about half the meal (Matt says I'm irrational, but I was scared the whole building would topple over), we enjoyed lovely (and slightly cloudy) views of Seattle.
 Enjoying some more walking and sunshine along the pier.
When Matt and I went to New York two Christmas' ago, we took a picture in front of every Christmas tree we came across.  Which was a ton, but it was a fun way to document the trip.  On a similar note, Matt and I decided to take a picture in front of every Starbucks we came across for our Seattle trip, which I thought was appropriate...I'll spare you the dozens we found in only a 5 mile radius, but here are a couple.
In all it was a wonderful, long weekend.  Even at 6 1/2 months pregnant.  I just walked a little slower and had rest my feet a bit more, who knew carrying a 2 pound baby around was such hard work at this point? 

The best part was that we weren't going home just yet...we still have a trip to my mom's ahead.  It was like Christmas in the fall with the whole family.

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