Sunday, October 16, 2011

Nursery Mobile

I mentioned earlier I had quite the flop at my first attempt to making Maddie's nursery mobile.  I'm kinda embarrassed to even post a picture of my disaster. So I won't.  However, I then found this awesome design for fabric poms here (initially found on pinterest).  Seemed more fool-proof than my last design.  

All it required was:
fabric cut into circles (I used a 3" coaster as my tracer)
Styrofoam balls
hot glue gun
ribbon or something to hang them from

I ended up with 3 different colored fabrics - yellow, orange and gray - 1 yard of each for the two small styrofoam balls and 1 1/2 yards for the larger styrofoam ball.  And I used every inch, I actually planned on doing the two small ones in the same fabric until I realized how much it required.  So I had to take another trip to walmart to pick up another color.  It took an entire day of college football watching to finish these bad boys.  Below is one yard of fabric cut into 3" circles, if you were curious how many it takes.  Quite a few circles if I do say so.

I then just followed the instructions and glued them down as such.  Seems tedious, but after awhile it's easy to zone out and just get in a rhythm.

About 8 in it looked like this...I had a long ways to go.  Good thing we had 3 games to watch.
But after a Saturday of enjoying my Aggies beat Baylor, I had my mobile completed.  Matt helped me hang them the next day and I have to say they look so pretty.  I love the pop of color since it's a rather neutral room. 
I think I'm ready for this crafty, stay-at-home mom gig. 

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