Friday, October 7, 2011

State Fair of Texas

It so happened that while in the Dallas/Fort Worth area the state fair had begun.  It also so happens that I've never been...even after a free ticket and day off of school most of growing up.  I can understand why now that I know how ridiculously expensive it is for just a bottled water.  Bringing kids there could be dangerous - however we had a great time. 

The boys - Matt and Karl, my bro-in-law - were by far most excited about the Cotton Bowl.  Maybe one day we can attend an actual game.
The classic shot of Big Tex with my sister Caitlin and my mom. 
 We all decided to splurge and ride the farris wheel.  Sounded like a great idea until we got near the top.  That thing is HIGH!
Karl, Caitlin and my mom
Matt, me and Amanda - my sister-in-law
If I were to actually enjoy the views rather than having a panic attack, they were rather beautiful at sunset.

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