Monday, November 7, 2011


I'm clearly a southern girl, because all this snow still fasinates me.  We have gotten a ton of it the last week or so.  We are having to go buy Matt some knee high boots so he can take Mocha out.  It's that much.  But it is beautiful.  And as long as I'm not out in the single digit temps, I greatly enjoy it. :) We didn't get nearly this much at this point in the year last year. 
The first night of snow.  About 11 inches. And still coming down.

I love fires.  Matt chopped all this for us.  I love him too.
Did I mention a little snow?  And this pile will continue to grow until they haul it off in a dump truck. 
In additional to garbage dumps in down, we also have snow dumps. Lots that hold all the unwanted snow from the streets.  It's still a new concept to me. 

Have I mentioned Mocha also loves the snow?  It is beyond difficult to get her to come inside.  How does she not get cold?  I wish she could give me some of those genes.

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