Thursday, November 3, 2011

Winter is here

My puffy maternity coat that makes me look 300lbs, my fur Uggs and all the scarfs and gloves we own have come to use.  It is officially winter.  We have gotten our first snow storm and on average it's about mid-20s throughout the day.  Jealous?

This is after the first snow.  The blur is Mocha. She loves the snow...hence the inability to keep her still for this picture.  She's a tad excited about the white stuff on the ground. I think it's about 9am in this picture and still kinda dark.  The days are getting so short now.  My least favorite part.

Here we are Halloween night.  We had a fall festival of sorts up at the church.  Our small group passed out candy - in the parking lot.  Fun tradition, but makes it interesting when it's blizzardy and freezing.  The snow was coming in full force - beautiful, but cold.  Those poor kiddos trying to show off their costumes looked miserable.
 And just to give you a little glimpse of what I'm used to: here is my cute nephew Wesley all dressed up for his fall festival.  I think that might be a drop of sweat running down his forehead. 
I miss warmth.

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