Friday, November 11, 2011

nursery coming together

Matt and I have been working on finishing up the nursery.  We just have little things left, but time is running short as the holidays approach and we are already 33 weeks!  Wahoo!  Here's a little update of what has been completed.

Remember this TV cabinet we bought off Craigslist? 
It is all finished!  It's probably my favorite piece in the nursery.  Matt painted it, added magnetic strips so the doors would close, built in a shelf (to alleviate the open TV space), and added handles.
Here's an up close of the handles I found at Anthropology while in Seattle.  They go perfect with the nursery.
And inside, in case you were curious, of course.  I found the baskets at a craft store for half off.  I'm kinda an organizational nerd, so the baskets make me happy.  One is full of hats. And one of little shoes.  Sometimes I just rummage through them to bring a little joy to my day.
 And you might remember these prints I found on esty?
They are finally framed and hung above the piano.  I also hung the banner and the "M" my sister made for Madelyn for the baby shower in Texas.  So proud of her craftiness. :)  Also displayed is my Le Mutt, a prized toy from my childhood that has seen better days. 
I also made this wreath for the nursery. Clearly I'm getting a little antsy for Maddie to get here so I'm making up projects to keep myself preoccupied.  I still don't know where it'll be hung.
And a bookshelf which matches the toy chest we found at a garage sale that Matt painted.  I'm pretty sure this bookshelf was found in one of our college dorm rooms at some point.  But that plywood all painted sure does make a great display for all the books Maddie has (and quite a cheap option, since we already had the paint).
I will eventually have a post to show the whole room.  But only when it's all done.  I'm currently working on a baby book...when that's finished...who knows.  Got any ideas?

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Donald and Angela said...

Laura!!! YAY for babies!!! I will be checking back with eagerness (well, not too much eagerness until another 6 weeks or so!) to see her beautiful face! Your nursery looks fantastic - well done! I smiled at your baskets too :) With love!