Tuesday, November 29, 2011

33 and 34 weeks

Now that I'm almost to week 36 (wahoo!) here are weeks 33 and 34 growth pictures. (again, I'm behind.)
At this point if Madelyn decides she's ready to come, the doctor said she wouldn't do anything to try to stop her.  Though I'd feel a bit more comfortable if she waited at least a couple more weeks (not another 6...though it'd probably be best if I mentally prepare for that to happen).  A Christmas to New Year's Eve baby would be awesome. 

As of right now:
  • Swimming is my favorite exercise.  I wish I had a lap pool a bit more convenient.  It's like I'm not even carrying this bowling ball around!
  • My hands are beyond swollen and my not sure if my hips can handle getting any bigger.
  • Maddie likes to squirm around - not so much punch me anymore.  Which is a nice change of pace.
  • Wondering if I'll ever fit back into my pre-baby jeans again...but oh so looking forward to sporting the rest of my closet again soon.
  • Trying to find a pediatrician, register at the hospital, pack the bag, write the birth plan, finish the nursery, train replacements at work, get all Christmas shopping done and shipped...there are so many things to prepare for!  But really all I can think about is holding my baby...
  • Getting tired easily again, but certainly soaking up those opportunities to sleep in.
  • Matt officially helps me put on my boots now when we leave the house.  Bending over is a thing of the past and with 33 inches of snow the past 3 weeks, boots are a must.
  • I'm not really sure I understand the concept of some women who say they felt their prettiest while pregnant.   I understand pregnancy is a beautiful blessing, but the whole feeling physically attractive thing - nope.  Thankfully it doesn't last forever.
  • Anxiously awaiting Madelyn's arrival!! ...over 8 months and counting...


Abby said...

Ok, I'm confused! I thought you were due a week before me... did they move your due date?

Laura Moore said...

Nope, I'm officially due Jan 5th still (hoping it'll be a little earlier than that though:)). I'm just behind in actually posting updates.

Abby said...

That's what I thought, but when you said you were almost 36 weeks, I was thinking you should be almost 35 weeks instead.... I'll be 34 weeks on Friday and I'm due on the 13th.