Sunday, July 8, 2012

Eklutna Lake

Now that the weather is above 50 degrees (mostly) we have spent several nights out in our tent enjoying the Alaska wilderness.  

We met up with our young family small group from church for a little camp out.  It is a whole different ball game when there are lots of little children involved, but we still had a great time.  Maddie spent some time in her pack-in-play (we have a camping one we found at a garage sale for $10) with her buddy and thankfully I had a mosquito net that fits over it because they were attacking!  
When outside her protective cage, she hung out in her Ergo.  With dad.  Thankfully it makes it easy since she enjoys sleeping here.  So her naps and bedtime were spent cozied up with either Matt or me.
I'm beginning to learn that camping is an excuse to spend hours around a fire eating.  I need to get better at preparing the food portion of our trips.  The practical giant bag of oatmeal I just keep in the camping tub just doesn't seem as tasty when your neighbor is having pancakes and sausage.
Before we left, we took a stroll down to the lake.  Our favorite spot in Alaska.  Something about it is just peaceful.  And absolutely beautiful.  Even on a cloudy day.

That's our new stroller.  It's amazing.  It also comes with a jogging wheel, bike attachment and you can put skis on it (for cross country skiing).  Maddie is completely cozy and warm rain, shine or snow.  Another worth-it purchase.  At least for Alaskans.

This is a priceless face.  That bottom lip must taste good.

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