Thursday, July 12, 2012

Family Pictures

I've been wanting to get some family pictures done sine Maddie has been born.  I see all these really cute ones online and get a little jealous that we don't have any.  I know I take a crazy lot of pictures of Maddie, but I want to document our family as we grow.  Matt wasn't thrilled about hiring a photographer (and let's be honest, neither was I), especially since we just purchased a fancy camera.  But it worked out that when my sister, Amy, was in town, she offered to take a few for us.  So her last night, we wondered down to a park by our house.  

I'm not gonna lie...they turned out way better than I imagined!  Sorry if I was skeptical, Amy!  She's quite talented, if I do say so myself.  She has a good eye for posing and our surroundings.  My other sister, Kelsey, helped keep Maddie focused (the best she could).  I know where we are going for family photos from here on out. Hopefully she won't start charging us. :)

Here are just a few of the tons she took.  It's kind of hard to choose...


Amy said...

Maybe we can trade? You take some of my family and I'll take yours?? We could make it a yearly tradition... save that you have "the eye" too... :)

Laura Moore said...

Sounds like a plan. And no hurt feelings if you don't like them - but I'll try to work on my skills before then.