Sunday, July 8, 2012

Six Months

All three of my sisters just left after a week of visiting.  I held back the tears as I dropped them off at the airport.  I'll need to go through the 500 pictures we took during our week of adventures and relive the experience again.  

But during their visit Maddie turned SIX months old!

She's half a year.  That's crazy to me.  Just six short months ago, we brought home this little girl...
...and now I get to spend every day with this munchkin...
She is getting unbelievable big.  It takes some serious back muscle to get her in and out of the crib, car seat, name it.  I won't know the exact measurements until her appointment though.  She is not a big fan of solids quite yet.  Her faces when she tries something new are hilarious.  Great news is she decided that she'll take milk out of a sippy cup and a bottle.  A whole new world of opportunity has opened up to me.  But who am I kidding, it's not like I want to ever leave her!
She is so full of joy.  Her giggle is possibly the best sound I've ever heard.  I love watching her little personality develop.  She smiles at any and everyone.  And is quite content to just hang out in someone's arms.  We are still working on sitting up without tumbling over after a few minutes.  I am blessed that she is usually a decent napper.  She's fallen into a routine of two naps a day - on average 2 hours long each.  I often have to go rock her back to sleep half way through each one.  But I'm ok with that.  I've learned if she wakes up crying, she still needs more sleep.  At night she still enjoys waking up about every 3 hours.  On the nights she goes longer than 4 hours, I may wake up slightly panicked.  One day I'll see 8 hours straight again.  
She loves to blow bubbles with her mouth and chew on her tongue.   And she still loves her bouncer.  that was a great purchase.  As long as I'm in sight, she can entertain herself on the floor with toys for a while.  I'm learning this is a great age.  More independent, but not yet mobile.
 My heart just smiles when I see her.  What a blessing God has given Matt and me.

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