Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sister Trip 2012

Growing up with three sisters and one bathroom wasn't always fun.  But now I want to have multiple kids because I can't imagine life any other way.  Several years ago we started a tradition of a yearly "sister trip".  So far they have involved Disney World (Kelsey worked there), a cruise with mom (entitled 'Last Fling Before the Rings' - the spring before 3 of us got married), Galveston (where Caitlin was living) and now Alaska.  It's getting a bit more complicated now that there are spouses and children involved, but not any less exciting and entertaining.  These women mean the world to me.  I am thankful for such wonderful sisters in my life.  

It was an eventful week.  I had to keep them entertained so that they'll come visit me again down the road (wherever we might end up).  Sadly, the weather did not cooperate, but thankfully everyone endured the cold rain with a smile.  We fed moose, reindeer, visited glaciers, camped in the rain, rode bikes, went hiking and kayaking, saw whales, eagles and otters, talked and laughed a lot and of course it included a viewing of The Proposal.  My sweet husband endured a whole week alone with 5 women.   He's a champ - and earned major points when he jumped my car in the middle of nowhere in a monsoon (I take the fault on that one, gotta turn those headlights off).

Without further ado, here is our week in pictures (it was hard to narrow it down to just this many):

I think I may have worn them out a bit.  I love you ladies!

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