Thursday, July 19, 2012


It's kinda strange being a stay-at-home mom.  I rarely have to be at any certain location on any particular day.  Sure we have random play dates and errands and appointments - but most days are pretty chill around here.  I don't have to shower until noon and if Maddie would let me, I could stay in bed all day (though that hasn't happen since she was a wee little one).  I'm a homebody.  I'm quite content to be home and actually prefer it.  I LOVE staying at home with my baby and am thankful for the opportunity.  Though some days, dare I say it...I get a tab bit bored.  Some days I look back at the day and can't really think of what I actually did.  Those are not good days to me.

So I decided I need to be more intentional.  With my time.  Energy.  Thoughts.  Friendships.  Resources.  Food.  I can't expect things to just happen and happen well.

First and foremost, I was convicted that I needed to spend more time with God.  Sure, I was doing a quick 10 minute devotional each morning while Maddie played in her bouncer, but I long to be a godly wife and mother who reflects Christ to everyone around me.  10 minutes wasn't providing that deep knowledge and wisdom I long to have.  So, right now, Maddie almost always takes a good morning nap (and usually a good afternoon one, but our afternoons have more variety and less consistency).  So now instead of browsing the web, doing laundry or baking something sweet, I'm going to spend that time in the Bible, my journal and prayer.  And I committed to it.  A crucial step.

Beyond that, I'm making lists (I love lists) of what I want to accomplish each day or week.  This isn't  new concept, but it keeps me focused and productive.  I try to make things with my hands and repurpose items laying around, rather than buying new things.  I'm learning how to make my own laundry and dishwasher detergent.  I've been working on baking and cooking with healthier, more from scratch ingredients...though I will admit, I made eggless cookie dough last week and it was delish...which brings me to not snacking all day.  That's a huge weakness of mine.  Intentional food choices.  Because goodness, my sweet tooth can get out of control.  I'm trying to be a better friend and reach out.  It's my tendency to wait for someone to call me first.  I'm trying to be creative in ways for Maddie to get out every afternoon to explore, on walks and bike rides (weather permitting), the library, store, or friends' house.  In basically every area, I'm trying to just be wise with my choices.

On a side note, I realized quickly that the TV was a time zapper.  If I want to get nothing done faster, turn on the tube.  When Maddie was born, I admit that I'd lay in bed with her watching all 4 hours of the Today show.  There was a time for that (you know the exhausted, healing stage), but not anymore.  Instead, I now enjoy listening to sermons (Mars Hill has a great free app) and worship music.  Maybe it's just me, but complete quiet all day makes me a bit crazy.

I know another season will bring a crazier schedule.  Goodness, Maddie isn't even moving around on her own yet.  So I realize times will change.  But hopefully if I make good habits now, they'll stick around as the household grows a bit more hectic and the fall brings a bit more schedule to our lives.

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