Monday, March 7, 2011

Cupcake creations

I wish this new activity of mine was more on the healthy side. 
I love cupcakes.  Even in spite of the amounts of fat and sugar.
I'm in the process of learning to make all flavors completely from scratch and decorate them in creative ways (I can't take all credit, some ideas I have stolen). 
I find it therapeutic. I used to run to relieve stress...a little ironic.  But I guess more people benefit from this. :)
Strawberry for Valentines.
Matt's favorite and oh so delish.

I was going to make these fancy oreo filled cupcakes.
Instead I made these. My owls.
And then there are the panda bears.
(the head is a mini cupcake)

And they aren't just for little kids. :)

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