Friday, March 4, 2011

An Escape

This past week, in full joy, I got to bust out this box from the top of the closet. *If you can't read it, it says "SummerTime Clothes"*  When we moved up here in JUNE (yes it was technically summer) I decided it was rather cruel to have to look at clothes that I can never where in Alaska.  Thus the box.  Full of wonderful sundresses, shorts, flipflops, etc that will one day get more wear again (I hope!).

A very strategic trip was planned back in August.  I knew the winter probably wouldn't be easy to endure (I was proved correct), so we planned a little trip to tropical paradise for February...something to look forward to during the long winter.  It was kinda our very belated one year anniversary trip (since rather than vacation together we moved to Anchorage just 2 days before) or maybe at this point an early two year....either way, it was glorious.  Much needed. Very refreshing.  And so very sunny. :)

As soon as the internet at our house decides it wants to start working again, there will be more to come on that one.

Good news -- we have about 9 hours days again and it's been in the 20's!  Oh my how my perspective has changed in just 9 short months...

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