Monday, March 28, 2011

Reading Night

I love my husband.  I love him for too many reasons to count...but one in particular is reading night.  I've always enjoyed reading (actually it's only been post college when I was no longer forced to read).  Alas, nothing is more relaxing than sitting with a good book and a cup of hot tea curled up in a soft, fluffy blanket in front of a window on a sunny afternoon (was that a run-on sentence?).  Matt however might say that nothing ends his day better than catching up on SportsCenter.  Oh the differences. 

Recently the Borders in Anchorage (1 of basically 2 bookstores in Alaska...I guess books aren't big up here) went out of business.  So, naturally, the deal-hunters we are, we went shopping.  This was all in preparation for our Maui trip, but we bought a few extras...I mean they were on sale!

Thankfully, Matt has taken a new found love of reading (while I don't mind the top 10 plays of the day every once in awhile either)...and realizes the importance of it to me.  We now have "reading night" about once a week.  Come home from work, Matt walks Mocha, I make dinner - afterwards we kick up our feet with a book.  We switch books, read new ones, grab old ones off the this moment in time we have more than enough to suit our fancies for a bit.  

I recently just finished Fearless by Max Lucado (I mentioned here).  I highly recommend this book to anyone that lives in or experiences fear (ok, that's bascially everyone). Easy read, encouraging and filled with Truth.

I'm also working on More Than Enough by Dave Ramsey .  I'm married to a finance guy, so one can never had enough books on money managment.  One of the biggest obstacles in most people's lives, sadly.  My husband has taught me a great deal about living financially wise. I am blessed that he is so gifted in this area. Thankfully it hasn't been a big battle for us since I've always been pretty frugal myself.  But I do have a new found joy in spreadsheets and budgets.
AND my recent find, Radical by David Platt.  It's about not adjusting the Gospel to fit the American dream.  I'm not that far into it, but cannot wait to dive into it more.  Good thing it takes 12+ hours on an airplane to fly back south. I might get both of these puppies finished, plus a slew of others...
I'm always looking for a good book. So I'm always up for suggestions.  Here are a few of mine. :)

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Gareth and Jennifer said...

That is such a neat idea! I will have to check out that Dave Ramsey book. We are going through his Financial Peace right now. Good stuff.