Thursday, March 24, 2011


Random things that brought me joy today:
  • The high is 40 (the snow is melting!)
  • I wore my fleece jacket to work. No puffy coat anymore.
  • My heated blanket from my boss I utilize everyday at my desk (even though it's 40...I'm still a Texas girl). It was a great gift.
  • I can bring my pooch, Mocha, with me to work.  Like today. Chilling at my feet. Only in Alaska.
  • The trailhead right outside my office for walks at lunch. Today it'll be with Mocha.
  • I get to see so many people I miss (and haven't seen since moving to the Arctic) in just over a week!
  • This video. Oh my goodness, I couldn't stop laughing.
  • Giving gifts. Especially the kind that you are so excited to give. Those are the best.
  • Sunset isn't until 8:24pm tonight. That makes daylight more than 12 hours thus far. Over half way there.
  • Girlfriends. Old and new.  Life is depressing without them.
Hope you too find the joy in the little things today!

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