Thursday, September 22, 2011

I love fall

Unfortunately many of our attempts to go camping this summer have been thwarted.  Mostly by me, being pregnant and sick and not wanting to have to fight the bears when I inevitably would have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.  But Matt really wanted to go at least one more time before it got too cold (and then we'll have a baby to add to the mix).  It worked out perfect to meet up with our friends, Anne and Chad, at Eklutna Lake.  The sentimental aspect of this trip is that almost exactly a year earlier we had met them on a group camp out with our church at the same lake. Doesn't that give you warm fuzzies inside? :)

It turned out to be a perfect weekend to go.  I could breathe through my nose.  The weather was perfect (a bit chilly, but not rainy).  And the trees were all sorts of fallish colors, so the drive was beautiful.  Fall lasts about a month up here, but I do love it while it's here.
Gotta have the campfire to make a camping trip complete.  Along with our trusty truck tent and their A-liner camper. We were safe from the bears.
We did a stroll down to the lake the next morning - after enjoying a fire and some warm drinks - to let Mocha swim around and enjoy the beauty of the lake.  It might be one of my favorite spots.
I love how the water is so clear and still.  Such a peaceful place.
So this happened about 2 weeks ago.  And now all the leaves are falling to the ground and the mountaintops surrounding us are covered in snow.  Already. Sigh. 

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