Monday, December 5, 2011

Santa Claus is coming to town...

Just a reminder...I absolutely LOVE Christmas. 

It brings joy to my heart.  I've been listening to Christmas music since early November and we got our tree out at least a week before Thanksgiving.  It can rarely be too early in my book.

Normally, I kinda pick through all our decor and get the most important things out.  Especially since we spend about 2 weeks around Christmas traveling to various celebrations. 

Not this year.  Few things were left in the boxes.  We are spending our first Christmas away from family this year - for good reason - as we hope to get the best gift of meeting baby Madelyn!  However, it is still very bittersweet.  I get a little sad thinking about not being "home" for the holidays.  Though trying to keep an optimistic perspective of starting new traditions with our family - Matt, me and Madelyn (and Mocha...lots of M's going on around here). 

Hence our house looking like Christmas exploded - and I love it. We even have all the presents under the tree - or shipped back south.  I've never been done this early - completely finished - I'm torn between being relieved and sad.  Who am I kidding, I'll probably continue to go overboard on all the M's in my life.

I also made a new wreath for our home.  I found the idea on my new favorite inspirational website, Pinterest.  It was super easy and I love the way it turned out...only cost about $8!
Here is our 5ft snowman we bought on clearance after Christmas last year (the best way to buy any Christmas decor).  He smiles at us in the back yard from our living room window. 
Matt also decked out our house with lights all over it - since we are an end unit, it's just that much better and brighter because they wrap around.  We may be the only town home in the area that put as many lights up.  I officially give us the prize.  (I'd put a picture up to brag, but I try to avoid obviously declaring where live on the internet). 

And just is my mom's house. She has a two-sided fireplace. One has the grand kids on it (Wesley and Madelyn) and the other has all the grown-up kids on it.  Our family is growing!  I love it.  Wish we could be there this year in person...sigh.
We had our first Christmas party of the season this past weekend for Matt's work.  I enjoy getting all dressed up (though it was a bit more challenging this year!).  They took professional photos when you arrived and gave everyone a copy.  I don't know if we've ever taken such a posed photo, except for the wedding day of course.  But I like that we have a nice copy of our growing family!  Exactly one month from today Madelyn is due!!

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